Sponsorship program

  We are the World, please support us


Please think about these children, their hope is your hands


We can only provide something small for them, please stand up with us to these children

 We can only do more if you partner with this ministry, your kind support will do much more for our children and day to day operations of the the foundation.

Pader Orphan Caring Organization activities include;

·      Mobilization and sensitization

·      Capacity building and institutional development

·      Psychosocial support and counseling

·      Income generating activities, food security and mutual support

·      Networking with related Organizations among District, National and International level

·      Education for the orphans, the needy and youths

·      Health care for the Community and children

 With onyly USD $ 50 a month we can:-

  •  Feed the 20 children
  • Take10 children to school
  • Buy 10 pairs of shoes
  • Support our orphanage in many ways

Thank you so much for support, we are looking forward to having you here in Kitgum.

Please come and see how your money has been used, stay with the children.




He came to the orphanage during the time we were doing assessment in the camp. He is now two year in the orphanage

Medical history:

He is HIV/AIDS negative but there are some common diseases like malaria, typhoid fever.

Wounds are very common because He like going to collect fire wood for cooking.

He is not fluent in English and He needs it translated when writing to sponsor.

He likes fetching water, washing utensils, bible studies and playing with other kids.

Rope playing, bible studies, story telling and bathing the young kids at the orphanage.

Type of meal at the orphanage: beans, posho rice porridge sweet potatoes.

What they do at the orphanage: fetching water, cleaning compound, washing utensils, washing clothes, Bible studies and story telling, Sunday service prayer.